ASIAN YOUTH FORUM 2006 (AYF 2006) – Asian Youth Council




Day One : 11th of October, 2006

Time Arrival of Participants / Check-in

Check-in counter is located at the hotel lobby

6:00 pm Welcoming dinner

Hosted by Drs H Ahmad Dahlan

Mayor of Batam, Indonesia

10:00 pm AYC Executive Committee Meeting  1

Asian Youth Council’s Executive Committee will be attended by all elected Executive Committee members, national youth council leaders and representatives of international & regional youth organizations (namely WAY & CAYC)

Day Two :12th of October 2006

8:00 am Registration

(The registration counter is located next to the hotel ballroom)

8:30 am Opening Ceremony
10:00 am Coffee Break
10:15 am Video Presentation

“A Future Within Reach : MDGs Progress in Asia and Pacific”

A 10-minutes video production of UNDP, UNESCAP and Asian Development Bank Keynote Address.

Asian Youth Responses to the Millennium Development Goalds : is the Future within Reach?”

By Honourble Dato’Seri Dr Mohamad Khir Toyo

President, Asian Youth Council .

11:00 am Paper presentations

“Overview :  MDGs and Young People”

By Mr Abdurrahman Syebubakar

Team Leader TARGET MDGs and Human Development

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

Jakarta, Indonesia

“The Future Within Reach : Progress Report of the MDGs in asia and Pacific”


By Ms Titik Hartini

Executive Director, Association for Community Empowerment Office of the UN’s Special Ambassador for MDGs in Asia & Pacific.

12:30 pm Lunch
2:00 pm Plenary session

“Roles of the National Youth Councils in Achieving the Millennium Development Goals”


Mr Donald Charumbira

Secretary General, world Assembly of Youth (WAY)

Mr Zorigtbaatar Tserenchimed

President, Mongolian Youth Federation

Secretary General, Asian Youth Council (AYC)

Mr Richard Alvin M Nalupta

Chairman, National Youth Commission, Philippines

Chairman, Committee for Asean Youth Cooperation (CAYC)

4:00 pm Depart to the official resident of the Governor of Riau island by ferry.
6:00 pm Official dinner

Hosted by Ismeth Abdullah

Governor of Riau Island, Indonesia.

10:00 pm AYC Executive Committee Meeting II

Day Three : 13th of October, 2006

8:30 am Paper Presentations / Knowledge Sharing Followed by Q & A

MDGs and Global Partnership : The Riau Islan Experience

9:30 am Workshop I

Knowledge Sharing : National Youth Councils and MDGs Project in Asia and Pacific




Professor Dr Turiman Suandi

Deputy Dean, Faculty of Educational Studies, University of Putra, Malaysia

11:00 am Lunch / Drafting of Resolution  
2:00 pm Workshop II

Knowledge Sharing : National Youth Councils and MDGs Projects in Asia and Pacific

4:00 pm Closing Ceremony and AYF 2006’s Batam Declaration on Youth and the Millennium Development Goals in Asia and Pacific  
6:00 pm Farewell Dinner

Hosted by Ir H Mustofa Widjaja, MM

Chairman of Batam Authority Board




Day Four : 14th of October, 2006









Programme / Activities

Throughout the year 2006 and 2007, various activities held were focused on Millienium development Goals (MDGs) and World Programme Action for Youth (WPAY). AYC has collaborated with leading NGOs, international youth organizations and governmental agencies to organize event such as workshop, work camp, seminar, conference and forum. Among major event are :

  • Asian Youth Forum 2006

Date      : 11th -14th October, 2006

Venue  : Batam, Indonesia

Theme  : Asian Youth Responses to the Millienium Development Goals : Is the Future within Reach

  • The Korea–ASEAN Future-Oriented Cooperation Project: Youth Exchange Programme 2006

Date      : 17th -26th January 2006 (Korean youth to ASEAN

Venue  : Indonesia, Laos, Vietnam

Theme  : Korea-ASEAN Youth Partnership in the Future Global Society

Date      :15th -24th February, 2006 (ASEAN Youth to Korea)

Venue  : Seoul (International Youth Center), Gangwon-Do (Hyundai Sungwoo Resort)

Theme  : Korea-ASEAN Youth Partnership in the Future Global Society

  • 17th International Youth Forum

Date      : 20th – 27th July, 2006

Venue  : International Youth Center (Seoul)

Theme  : A World Without Borders

  • Youth Camp for Asia’s Future 2006

Date      : 7th – 27th August, 2006

Venue  : Tower Hotel (Seoul), Tohamsan Youth Hostel (Gyeongju), National Youth center  (Pyeongchang)

Theme  : Rediscovering and Loving Asia

  • Executive Committee Meeting 2006

Date      : 11th – 14th October, 2006

Venue  : Batam, Indonesia