19th Melaka International Youth Dialogue (MIYD) – Asian Youth Council

The theme for the 19th Melaka International Youth Dialogue ‘Youth Deconstructing Fake News’ has been selected to uplift ideas and encourage young people to attain truthful and reliable means of communication, and distribute authentic and trustworthy information.

An interactive dialogue on this topic will be of significance to form, educate, and increase awareness on the challenges of media illiteracy, and to develop the essential skills to critically evaluate information for anyone navigating the internet, especially the young people. 


During the dialogue all participants will gather to address and call for action on the following objectives:

To provide a platform for sharing of knowledge and experiences in addressing fake news;

To find effective and efficient solutions in tackling the issue of fake news and false information; 

To converse on the challenges, experiences, and lessons learned from the national youth councils in practising reliable means of communication and authentic distribution of information; 

To come up with mechanism and programmes that would detect, filter, and halt the distribution of fake news and/or false information; 

To outline strategies for youth to tap on media literacy in order to avoid spread of fake news and false information; 

To discuss the role of different stakeholders i.e. public sector, private sector, academia, NGOs, media and others, in detecting and limiting the spread of fake news and misleading information;

To establish frameworks that would determine the verifiability of a news and information;

To develop strategies that would address the issue of fake news and misleading information;

To form and / or amend the national, regional, and international policies that would undertake the issue of fake news and false information;

To foster networking, collaboration, and partnership among youth and all stakeholders in order to address the issue of fake news and misleading information;

To advance the role of youth in media literacy and actively involve them in the social development and attainment of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Expected participants should be between the ages of 18 and 35, gender balanced groups representing their respective National Youth Councils; 

Eligible participants include Youth Organisations; Ministries of Youth; Ministries of Housing and Development, Municipalities, Organisations that address urbanization; Youth Development Organisations; International Organisations; United Nations Agencies, and other establishments. 

DEADLINE: Participants May 31 2019

Speakers. June 14 2019

To apply and for more information visit here

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