Mohammed Zefri Ariff – Asian Youth Council

Mr. Mohammed Zefri Ariff (Brunei)

Zefri is actively involved in arts, culture, language, literature, theatre, media and youth movement of Brunei Darussalam. He has presented papers / talks and participated in many forums, conferences, dialogues and workshops in Asia.

Zefri has an array of portfolios in the community services and NGO’s. Before joining Universiti Brunei Darussalam as an academician in 1996, Zefri has been working with Radio Television Brunei for six years. For many years until now, he has collaborated with several community flagship projects within ASEAN i.e. ASEAN-COCI, SEAMEO-SPAFA, MASTERA, GAPENA, ASEAN University Network (AUN), Asian Youth Council (AYC), Committee for ASEAN Youth Cooperation (CAYC) and International Youth Centre (IYC), Kuala Lumpur.

His talent varies from creative writings to photography, videography, journalist, artist, editor, oratory, acting and directing for tv, radio and stage drama. He has also been invited to recite poems and staged theatre performances around the ASIAN countries in many occasions. His Drama book entitled Rapat was honoured as MASTERA Book Prize in 2003. He writes two books on Brunei Culture namely Bingkai Seni Budaya Brunei (2007) and Bicara Sastera dan Budaya Brunei (2011) and has published good collection on creative writing books.

He received a SEA Write Award 2011, the highest recognition for ASEAN writer. Recently he received Youth Leader Award for Distinguished Service 2014 and Youth Association Award 2014 (Kumpulan PUTRA Seni) at Brunei Youth Day 2014, TAYO ASEAN Award 2014 (Kumpulan PUTRA Seni) and Language Ambassador 2015.

Full Name: Mohammed Zefri Ariff bin Mohammed Zain Ariff
Short Name: Zefri Ariff
Nationality: Brunei Darussalam
Occupation: Lecturer
Working Address: Program of Malay Language and Literature,
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences,
Universiti Brunei Darussalam,
Tungku Link BE1410,
Brunei Darussalam.

B.A. (Hons) in Creative and Descriptive Writing,
University of Malaya, Malaysia – 1989

M.A. in Theatre Practice, University of Exeter,
United Kingdom – 1998
Field of Study: Literature, Mass Media, Performing Arts, Writing, Youth and Culture

Email: [email protected] or [email protected]
Tel: +673-2463001 ext 1479
Fax: +673-2461528
H/p: +673-8749500


Vice President of Asian Youth Council (AYC)
since 2012 until 2016.

Treasurer of Committee for ASEAN Youth Cooperation (CAYC)
since 2010 until now.

Member of South East Asia Literary Council (MASTERA) for Brunei Darussalam

Executive Member of Asian Theatre Alliance
since 2011 until now.

Secretary General of Brunei Youth Council (BYC)
since 2008 until now.

Permanent Chairman of Brunei Muara Youth District Council (MBDBM)
since 2011 until now.

Head 1 of Kumpulan Putra Seni (Arts and Cultural Troupe)
since 1996 until now; became a member in 1985.

Member of Brunei Writers Association (ASTERAWANI)
since 1982; held a post as Secretary I and II.

Technical Advisor for the Affiliation of Brunei TV Drama and Entertainment Producers and Artists (GAPHAR)
since 1999 until now.

Currator of Pertemuan Penyair Nusantara (PPN)
since 2007 until now.