Objectives – Asian Youth Council

In order to achieve the above aims, the AYC principal objectives are as follows:

Strengthen youth networks at all levels in Asia and thereby promote regional identity through the exchange and dissemination of information, which include but not limited to:

  1. Enhancing communications channels, promoting youth exchange programmes,
    Participating in and supporting of events promoting youth development and gathering, and;
  2. Disseminating appropriate youth information to member organizations.
  3. Encourage and strengthen national youth councils in Asia by:
    a. Assisting countries to establish national youth organizations,
    b. Cooperating to develop existing national youth councils,
    c. Supporting the development of youth policies and
    d. Promoting training programmes among young people in the region.
  4. Promote the interest and development of Asian youth by: Facilitating the organisation of appropriate training programmes,
    a. Providing a representative voice for Asian youth,
    b. Formulating positions on important issues affecting Asian youth, and,
    c. Providing encouragement and incentives such as Asian Youth Awards for individuals and organizations.
    d. Identify and secure available resources to support the AYC and National Youth Councils in Asian nations.
    e. Cooperate with governments to advance the development of Asian Youth.